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Genelec Studio Reference Monitors, The Best Engineering Again From Germany

Genelec Studio Reference Monitors, Understanding The 8000 Series: Genelec’s Comprehensive Studio Monitor Solution

Genelec Studio Reference Monitors

The Genelec 8000 series is their response to the changing world of audio. While speakers will always remain essential for monitoring in a recording space, new trends have emerged over the past few years that have led to an influx of compact and affordable speaker solutions. From small desktop monitors to computer speakers and all things in between, there are now more options than ever before. As such, Genelec decided to create a new monitor series that would be versatile enough to meet the needs of audio professionals across all segments: from project studios and home recordists to radio stations and mixing engineers working in large spaces. In this post we explore what makes the 8000 series different from other monitors, how they fit into their product line and how they improve on existing designs – without sacrificing performance or ergonomics. Let’s dive in…

Understanding Genelec’s product line

Genelec has a comprehensive range of products that includes both active and passive monitors. Their 8000 series is their latest range of active monitors, designed to be flexible enough to meet a variety of needs and fit into almost any studio environment. Genelec monitors are often used in two main configurations: Active: When the speaker is connected to a power amplifier. This is the standard configuration for most professional studios. Passive: When the speaker is connected to an amplifier and a source (such as a mixer or laptop) at the same time. This is the configuration used in project studios, home studios, and by radio stations. All Genelec monitors are designed with these two configurations in mind and are compatible with the most common networking formats and connectors. What differs between the models is their suggested applications and the level of performance. For example, the 8200 series is designed for engineers who prefer a slightly warmer and less accurate sound, whereas the 8350 series is designed for accuracy and wider frequency response.

8080: A Solid Foundation

The 8080 is Genelec’s most popular monitor, and for good reason. It offers high performance and accuracy, excellent ergonomics, and a very reasonable cost. It is a good choice for any monitoring environment and is often recommended as a starter monitor for project studios and home recordists. However, it has been around for almost a decade and is beginning to show its age. With the new 8000 series, the 8080 has been updated to the 8010 model, which retains its core strengths while adding new features and functionality. The 8010 is an excellent entry-level monitor that exemplifies the core design philosophies of the 8000 series: high performance, flexibility, and ergonomic design.

8110 and 8200: Versatile Studio Monitors For Any Space

The 8110 and 8200 are the most versatile models in the 8000 series. Both have excellent accuracy and frequency response, wider than that of the 8080. They’re also equipped with Genelec’s patented Wideband Paddle (WBP) function, which allows users to select a frequency response based on the size of their space. The 8110 is best suited for small to medium sized rooms, while the 8200 is optimized for larger spaces. Both are designed for a variety of monitoring applications: from tracking to mixing to mastering. They’re also ideal for mixing in-room with a DAW. As such, they’re a great choice for both project and commercial studio environments.

8250 and 8210: Adding Accuracy with a Near-field Monitor

As the name suggests, a near-field monitor is intended for use in a small and controlled listening environment. They’re typically used by engineers who need to be very aware of their monitor’s frequency response and want to avoid the room colouration that is inherent to most speakers. The 8250 and 8210 models are optimized for this environment and are best suited for recording studios, radio stations, and any other space where a controlled environment is preferred. They are, however, a less flexible monitor than the 8110 and 8200 and are often used in conjunction with a measurement microphone and room correction software to fine-tune the frequency response of a given space.

8330 and 8350: High Performance, Wide Response Speakers for Big Spaces

The 8330 and 8350 are designed for large spaces and high-performance monitoring. They boast Genelec’s widest frequency response and best performance in low-frequency applications. They are a great choice for professional studios that need a speaker that can handle high sound pressure levels (SPL) and a variety of different monitoring applications. They are often used on the main monitoring system in large control rooms and are generally accompanied by Genelec’s high-end subwoofer solutions. They’re also more aggressively priced than other Genelec models and make a great choice for both commercial and project studio owners.

What makes the 8000 series different?

In addition to Genelec’s core design philosophies, which are common among all their monitor products, the 8000 series has a few unique features. – Wideband Paddle technology: This patented technology allows the user to select a frequency response based on the size of their space. This means that the engineer can choose between a warmer, more bass-heavy response or a more accurate response that is best suited for smaller rooms. This feature is available on both the 8110 and 8200 models. – RBM ( Room-to-Beat Ratio): This is a feature that is unique to the 8330 and 8350 models. It allows the engineer to push the bass response up to +6dB, which makes it easier to mix in a larger room. – Bluetooth: All models in the 8000 series are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easy to play music from a phone or computer from up to 30 feet away. This feature is useful for music listening and A/B comparisons.


The Genelec 8000 series is a culmination of many years of experience in designing and manufacturing audio products. It shows the company’s dedication to constantly improving on their designs. While the 8000 series does build on the existing models in their product line, it also represents a significant departure from the past. It’s a flexible and versatile line of speakers that can be used in almost any studio environment, thanks to its wide frequency response, excellent performance, and ergonomic design. The 8000 series also boasts several unique features, such as Wideband Paddle technology and RBM, which set it apart from competitors. In short, the 8000 series is a great choice for any studio environment and will be sure to deliver reliable and accurate monitoring for years to come.

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KRK GoAux 3 and 4, Ultimate Portable Studio


Ladies and gentlemen, producers, dj’s, ear tuners, sound, and music perfectionists, this past october 22th KRK systems realesed whats sure to be the next best thing in studio reference monitors, now you can take the ultra crisp, clear, smoothe quality and clarity that one could only get in the studio any where you go.

What you say, no way man my reference monitors never leave the studio, theres nothing portable about reference monitors.

That was the case for most artists regardless of the brand, studio reference monitors are big, expensive and generally like to ensure the monitors position in the room is not altered by anyone, a great deal of effort goes into the proper placement of reference monitors in a studio for the best listening experience and optimal acoustics environment. Until now.


KRK GoAUX portable monitors come in 2 sizes the GoAUX 3 and GoAUX 4, for the non tuned ears out there that’s 30 years of KRK’s remarkable innovation and incredible near field reference Profesional grade sound we’ve come to know and love in a sleek 3 inch and 4 inch portable design. You won’t find a speaker of this size with Bluetooth capabilities and professional quality replicating sound to almost perfection anywhere else folks this is a whole new breed and first of its kind. Giving producers, engineers, dj’s, and hobbyists alike a whole new level of freedom and portability without losing that sound, you could before only get in the studio. Check out these features and specs:

  • Glass aramid woofers
  • One inch soft textile dome tweeter
  • Bi-amplified
  • Rear ported abs cabinet
  • Built in LF and HF EQ
  • Auto ARC ( automatic room correction)
  • 1/8 inch stereo output
  • with USB and 1/4 inch balanced stereo inputs

The GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 each come as a set of monitors, along with power and speaker cables, adjustable isolating stands, and a carrying bag. I can’t wait to get mine, it’ll be my Christmas present to myself. Get some and tune your ears!!